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Property Valuation

Industry-Leading Property Valuation Services

Our team of experts provide commercial, residential, industrial, touristic and agricultural property valuations to banking institutions, developers, investors, investment funds as well as to private individuals and private companies.

With multinational expertise background and knowledge, our valuation experts undertake thousands of valuations each year across Cyprus, either on a one-off or on a repeated basis, having created a reputable image, establishing thus strong business relations with our clients. In addition to undertaking thousands of valuation assignments across the mainstream sectors of commercial, agricultural and residential properties, our services cover also a number of specialist areas such as leisure, healthcare, hotels and tourism, logistics, oil and gas, shipping and energy efficiency.

Our agency associates have established, over the years, leading roles in the above sectors and therefore we work closely with them in order to ensure that our valuations are current, accurate and integrating the latest market trends into the analysis.

Property valuation service is the process of assessing the worth of a property or real estate, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. It involves the collection and analysis of data concerning the property, such as its location, condition, size, age, and value of similar properties nearby. A property valuation service is usually conducted by professional valuers who are trained to provide unbiased and accurate reports to assist clients in making informed decisions in buying, selling or investing in real estate. The valuation reports may include information on the current market value, potential resale value, rental yield, and investment potential of the property, among others. The valuation service helps property owners, buyers, sellers, lenders and investors to make informed decisions based on the accurate and reliable valuation of the property.